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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  November 22, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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arthritis either. and though they denied it in the survey, i ran an std scan and a hepatitis panel. it was negative, too. well, his neurological evaluation reveals short-term memory loss and difficulty concentrating. but any number of things could've caused that. exactly. now, looking at his cranial mri, it's clean. no tumors, no aneurysms, eeg normal. did you test him for meningitis? i did a lumbar puncture, and it came back negative. i don't see a physiological reason for his symptoms. miranda: okay, so if it's not an acute infection, neurological or endocrine dysfunction, then what's next? what about a low-grade chronic infection? could be a latent virus in the hsv 1 and hsv 2 families. i'll run it. that's a really good idea since it doesn't appear to be anything he picked up. could be a disease that's been lying in wait. that's right. what are you doing? i made a mistake bringing her to this hospital. where are you taking her? she's in no condition to travel.
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don't worry. i signed her out against medical advice. there's no liability left for you. my concern is for tracy, mr. warren. mine, too. and you had your chance. andy: hey. hi. did you at least have fun on your date? it wasn't a date. okay. okay. uh, i hear nick geary's cultures are in. yeah, look at this. he tested positive for cytomegalovirus. pretty severe symptoms for cmv, right? mm-hmm. but it's very consistent with the disease, so at least it's something we can treat. okay. i'll put him on a course of gamma-globulin, see if he responds. okay. thanks, miranda. sure. it's called cmv? that sounds bad. the virus itself is pretty common and for most people, it's, uh, it's asymptomatic. but for some, it can produce the effects that we're seeing in you. so you're not sure if that's what's making me sick. no, i'm not.
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maybe we should get a second opinion. well, that's entirely your right. no, just... just do it. nicky, it can't hurt to hear what another doctor has to say. it's my decision. okay? not yours. just get the gamma-globu-whatever and let's get started. okay. (sirens wailing) okay... miranda: what's that? (nick laughs) if you have to ask, i'm in trouble. (chuckles) well, look... the good news: that the latest round of lfts and kidney studies are almost normal. so i guess it was the cmv, huh? yep. we'll run another culture today just to check your igm and your igg antibody counts.
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but i'm guessing that tomorrow, we can send you home. (chuckles softly) you have permission to be happy about that. (chuckles) no, it's just that every time i talk to beth, she's short with me. it's no matter what i say. being in here has been an excellent way for us to avoid dealing with our problems. hmm. well, all good things must come to an end. check on you later. all right. jordan: hey, yusef, you page me? yeah, i got an ambulance coming in. paramedics requested an abdominal surgeon be at the ready. it's tracy warren. female, 42. bp 85 palp, pulse 92 and thready. fever, vomiting, and she's got an infected abdominal incision. jordan: on my count. one, two, three. what the hell did you do?
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hundreds lined up in montgomery county. why the government decided against an immune booster. people hitting the roads for the thanksgiving weekend. the holiday forecast tonight. see you at 11:00 p.m. if you're anything like me,
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how is she? she's septic. we're moving her into icu after ct scan. what-what does that mean? her surgical incision is infected. so we're loading her up with antibiotics and looking for signs of rejection. maybe the scan will tell us more. she's gonna be okay, isn't she? where did you take her to get that transplant? one of my attorneys referred me to a new transplant facility in zurich. switzerland. i couldn't risk waiting here and running out of time. i did what i thought was best. mr. warren, i will need the operative and pathology reports, as well as
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the perioperative course. i'll get you those. next few hours could go either way. (ringing) hey, beth. anna, w... whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down. where's beth? hey. hey, nick. nick? nick, nick, what are you doing? what...? a friend went by the house and found beth unconscious. whoa, whoa. she's in an ambulance on the way here. i got to get down there. okay, okay, no you can't, no you can't, no you can't. (groans) you need to stay here, all right? you need to stay here. okay. you need to stay here. i'm gonna find out what's going on, but you have to stay here, okay? all right, good. hi, beth. listen, we're gonna get you through this, okay? okay. come here. talk to me.
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no trauma. she's in respiratory distress and has fever. bp's 80 palp. must have dropped, 'cause i think that's what knocked her out. she has all the same symptoms as her husband. what's his status? well, we treated him for cmv, but the chances of the virus impacting them both like this are miniscule. yusef: could it be an infectious agent? we did a thorough workup on infectious diseases. we could've missed something. all right. so, uh, what do you want me to do? we have to play it safe until we know what it is. so i want them both moved to isolation. okay. so here's tracy warren's latest ct scan. that's a lot of necrotic tissue. mm-hmm. i reached that clinic in zurich. they refused to let me speak to the surgeon who performed the transplant. that doesn't surprise me. here. check this out. she tested positive for a parasite called clonorchis. and that's what caused the infection. tracy warren may have gone to switzerland for her surgery, but that organ is from china. how can you be sure? clonorchis is
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a parasite that's unique to china. and the necrotic tissue, that's another red flag. why? david: indicates a time delay between death and procurement. why would there be a delay? jordan: in china, prisoners are executed and their organs are sold for cash. there's a lag time between when the person's executed and when the organ's removed. in that time, the tissue starts to die off. david: mm-hmm. which explains why the warrens left three rivers. they bought tracy a new liver. dr. jordan, are you sure about this? that tracy warren got a liver from china? yep. we've had cases like this through here before. then we shouldn't treat her. we might find what she did immoral, but it wasn't illegal. she's a hypocrite. you know what? our job is to take care of her. i thought she was better than that. (beeping) kuol, your vad is working great, and your levels are looking good. we're in the home stretch here, buddy. you just need to play it safe and stay put.
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i'll do as you ask. but this is a strange feeling. what? i've fought all my life. to survive, to come here and find you, to get on the list. now i'm on the list. and the problem is? there's nothing left for me to do but wait. ryan: excuse me. hey. hey. i have those names you asked for. the names of the donors who contributed to my fund? i would like to thank them all. ryan: well, it's not gonna take you that long. so much money from so few people? the bulk of the money came from an anonymous donor. someone gave $131,000. th-that exact amount? what do you know about the donor? uh, just that he sent the money through a lawyer in mt. washington. that's your old neighborhood, right? yeah. yeah, it is. (monitor beeping steadily)
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i think i'm feeling better. i am glad to hear that. but there still is cause for concern. your ct shows a great deal of necrotic tissue. the colostatic picture shows your bile ducts have ischemic strictures and partial blocking by parasites. i'm gonna put you on a cocktail of navrigisone, ilevan... did you say "parasites"? yes. it is a problem specific to transplants when the organs come from china. if the drugs don't clear up the blockage, then i will have to operate. but with all the necrotic tissue, surgery is a last resort. all right? all right. why is she talking about china? what are you not telling me, john?
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now's not the time. you need to explain. i acquired your liver through a broker. it was flown in from china. a man was killed so that i could have a liver? i don't know that. i didn't ask questions. i know what they do for organs in china, john; they-they execute prisoners. if someone was gonna die anyway... john! ...i was not gonna stand around and watch your principles kill you. how could you do this to me?! your life needed to be saved, and i found a way to do it. i would do it again. i would do it every time, tracy! just... please, just go.
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hey, you're up. how you feeling? what happened? you lost consciousness in the house. the doctors still don't know what's wrong. where are we? we're in isolation. they think we might be contagious. (both laugh) some honeymoon. yeah. (both laugh) for you, i went all out. what if we got the worst first? what does that mean? that what we're going through might be as bad as it's ever gonna get. and if we can survive this, we can make it through anything.
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i know i was a little drunk, but what i said in our vows, i meant every word. yeah, me, too. (groaning) bp's dropping and her fever's spiking. she's complaining of severe abdominal pain. let's do an ultrasound. (groaning continues) there it is. debris in the common duct. page dr. lee, have him meet me in the o.r. what's wrong? her liver function shut down. i need to get in there before the duct tears and we lose the liver and her, too. (groaning)
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hundreds lined up in montgomery county for the h1n1 vaccine. aaa says more than 33 million people will hit the roads this thanksgiving. the holiday forecast tonight. see you at 11:00 p.m. nazareth) ♪ love hurts ♪ love scars ♪ love wounds... - announcer: before you ever love it... - ( tires screech ) ...the nissan altima goes through over 5,000 tests. no wonder j.d. power and associates... - ♪ ooh, love hurts - ...ranked it highest in initial quality. the new nissan altima. quality you can love. ♪ ooh, love hurts.
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quality you can love. (thud) okay, so beth geary is negative for cmv. none of this makes sense, you know? it's hard to believe beth wouldn't have presented these symptoms earlier.
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if it's bacterial or an infectious disease, but what if it isn't? what are you thinking? what if it's environmental? exposure to certain toxins could do it. i'm gonna have the lab run the toxicology and check for trace amounts of pcbs, lead, asbestos. because the common denominator is the house. he works from home, and he gets more and more sick, but then he comes here and he gets better, but then she gets sick, right? right. right. let's hope this address is in the database. we removed the blockage and reconstructed her common duct. she's gonna pull through. thank you. she's in recovery. don't you want to be there when she wakes up? i've lost her. and i don't know how to fix it. mr. warren, your wife's work is all about giving people
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in the worst of circumstances a fair chance. i have a feeling she'll do the same for you. hi. so i guess we're not contagious. you have both been suffering chronic low-level exposure to solvents. methylamine and benzene, to be specific. how is that possible? well, the previous tenant in your house was a meth dealer. he came to the er after he almost blew himself up in his lab, which the police tell us was in your attic. the chemicals used for making meth soak into carpets and drywall, and you guys have been breathing in toxic fumes since you moved in. i'm gonna kill our landlord. miranda: we already reported him to the city. but because you were working in the attic, it got to you first, and then eventually, it got to you. are we gonna be okay? the short answer is yes. we're just gonna adjust your meds, and you should expect a full recovery. andy: there is one more thing. the toxic effects are
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not only physiological, but behavioral. well, what do you mean? well, depression, mood swings and irritability, they're all signs of chronic exposure. so the stress and the anxiety... and the fighting. i wouldn't hang it all on the chemicals, but let's just say you haven't exactly been yourselves lately. we'll, uh, we'll leave you to it. so david and i are going out for a drink. you coming? i'll take a rain check. are you okay? you seem a little off. i just gotta see a guy about a thing, you know? okay. see ya tomorrow. you bet. (monitor beeping) (sighs) (faintly): hi. (softly): hi.
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(sighs) i was so afraid to imagine what my life would be like without you. it's all i could see. i will spend every day from now on, every dollar that i have, trying to make up for what i've done. michael: oi! welcome back, yablonski. get out of my face, casper. hey, hey, hey, play nice, boys.
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come on. this guy's a walking parole violation. i'd think someone on the straight and narrow would keep better company. he's a douche, but he has his uses. what do you know about a $131,000 donation to a fund for one of my patients? sounds to me like a good samaritan doing a really wonderful thing. that's funny, you know? that's the exact amount of money you gave me for medical school. the exact amount i paid back. it had to be you. the question is, what exactly do you think that money's gonna buy you, michael? all right. i saw in the paper that your patient needed help. so i helped him because i'm your friend.
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and i know that if i ever needed your help, you'll be a friend to me. i don't think so. we're blood, andrew. we're family. we're bound together for all time. (chuckles) don't think you can just walk away from your uncle mike. captioning sponsored by cbs television and volkswagen. it's what the people want. captioned by media access group at wgbh
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aaa says more than 33 million people will hit the roads this thanksgiving weekend. your 9news forecast straight ahead. this is a little seat, i'm a big girl. well this is the eight- passenger chevy traverse. which offers more room and an epa estimated 24 on the highway. that's a big girl car. i want the big girl car. a very smart little girl. the chevy traverse. america's best crossover. compare us to anyone and may the best car win.
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>> i'm bruce johnson. thanks for joining us. late breaking news out of dc.
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police have surrounded a house in the 500 block in the northwest. 8:15 p.m. a man was spotted with a rifle running into the residence. if anyone is inside with the gun it is unclear. we will have an update as soon as we know more. $1000. that's the fine a repeat offender is facing after being caught driving illegally in the hov lane in northern virginia. dave statter tells us a lot of people are taking a similar risk. >> reporter: let's face reality a lot of us are going to be stuck in traffic jams this week. some of us right here on i-395. say you're tempted because for some reason traffic is moving a little bit better in the center hov lanes. so violate the rules a little bit and go into these lanes with less than three people in the vehicle. if you're thinking about it here is a cautionary story of what happened here on thursday.
11:32 pm
this was the scene the second time in a month the virginia state police brought the troops out cracking down on those who dared to take usually faster hov lanes without three people in the vehicle. the cops have heard plenty of excuses. >> we have heard that the traffic tieups are causing them to come in here. >> reporter: one of the people picked up on this drag net on thursday is a familiar face to the troopers. it is the driver's fourth offense. it means that person is facing a fine of $1000 for being a repeat offender. >> that's like your rent. >> reporter: yes, renting the hov lanes. for some drivers it is a calculated risk. >> if i'm in a rush and there is nobody else on the road i do it. >> reporter: this woman admits to being an occasional hov violator. >> ifs a free road. if no one is using that lane with not. >> i can pretty much assure myself that i would get caught. >> reporter: do you look at them speed by you and be
11:33 pm
jealous? >> definitely. but i don't want to risk a ticket. >> oh, yes. >> i don't risk anything. i don't do that. >> certainly not $1000. >> not even $50. >> reporter: with a lot of people from out of town here this week, probably not a bad idea to remind your visitors about the hov rules in the washington area. dave statter, 9news now and >> many of you will soon be hitting the highway for the upcoming holiday. let's check in with the thanksgiving travel forecast. hi, kim. >> hey there, bruce. this rain is going to come and go tomorrow. it will not be impacting you on your wednesday traveling plans. let's get up above the clouds and talk about how wednesday will be shaping up around the country as you make your plans to get away. cold air will be pulling around across the great lakes bringing lots of snow up there. we are going to be just on the edge of this cold air. i think it is going to be somewhat mild around here. around 60 degrees. we will have some clouds on
11:34 pm
wednesday. a couple of showers around but not a soaking rain. if you're headed to minneapolis. they will be getting snow. rain in chicago. if you have a flight to catch, south atlanta, dallas, nothing but sunshine. 81 in miami. pacific northwest rainy. catching a plane to california dry and sunny. 47 in phoenix. i'll talk about tomorrow's rain and how the weather is shaping up here on thanksgiving when i see you next. >> kim, thank you. for those of you hitting friendly skies there is a really cool website where you can see flights in the air in realtime. this is what it looks like at three airports in the washington area. dulles and reagan. log on to and we will provide the link.


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